At UK Cyber Cluster Collaboration (UKC3), we’re delighted to welcome Cyber London as a valuable addition to our growing family of cyber clusters. As one of the largest cyber hubs in the cyber landscape, London holds a unique status as a global financial and technological centre. The establishment of a dedicated cyber cluster in this quickly evolving city marks a pivotal moment in fortifying the nation’s cyber security future.

Cyber London: A Catalyst for Growth

London is at the forefront of innovation driven by a thriving SME community and some of the world’s top Universities. Cyber London was set up to position itself as a champion for innovation, working with partners in the UK and overseas to develop a healthy ecosystem that encourages inward investment and maintains London’s position as a global leader in cyber.

Simon Newman, Director of Cyber London

In the Department for Science, Innovation and Technology’s UK cyber security sectoral analysis 2023, we see that Greater London makes up for 30% of Active Cyber offices. In deciding to support a cyber cluster in London, UKC3 are recognising the significance of London as a cyber powerhouse.

With a thriving ecosystem of startups, enterprises, and tech enthusiasts, London is at the forefront of technological advancements. By having a dedicated cyber hub, Cyber London aims to harness this energy and creativity to bolster the city’s resilience against cyber threats.

By concentrating efforts on specific technologies, Cyber London aims to create a community where groundbreaking ideas flourish. UKC3 is enthusiastic about this approach as it not only promotes innovation but also paves the way for collaborative ventures, inward investment, and sustained support.

Why London Matters to UKC3

Diverse Cyber Ecosystem: London’s cyber ecosystem is as diverse as the city itself. From financial institutions to tech startups and government bodies, the range of stakeholders creates a melting pot of ideas and solutions. UKC3 is eager to help facilitate collaboration among these diverse entities and other clusters, encouraging knowledge exchange and collective problem-solving.

Global Impact: As a global hub, decisions made in London resonate on an international scale. A robust cyber security framework in London not only protects local interests but also contributes to global cyber resilience. To achieve a secure digital future for all, UKC3 believes having a centre for all in London is a step in the right direction.

UKC3 is delighted to welcome the latest cluster launch this week of Cyber London joining the now national and regional network of seventeen individual clusters. The unique position of Cyber London will work collaboratively with all clusters to connect and represent the innovation opportunities where local expertise and industry concentration can be leveraged. UKC3 is looking forward to working with Cyber London and welcoming the team on board.

Linda Smith, Chair of UKC3

Looking Ahead

The journey with Cyber London is not just about establishing a cyber cluster; it’s about co-creating a future where innovation thrives, businesses flourish, and individuals are protected. Together, we embark on a mission to elevate London’s cyber security posture, and in doing so, fortifing the entire nation against the evolving cyber threats of the digital age.

As we welcome Cyber London into the UKC3 family, we anticipate a future where collaboration knows no limitations, and the cyber community in the UK becomes a beacon of inspiration for the world.

Stay tuned for updates on this exciting venture, together we can achieve a secure digital future.