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Capture The Flag: “The Sheffield Siege!”

Saturday, 13th April 2024 09:00 AM – 06:00 PM

153 Arundel Street Sheffield City Centre S1 2NT

Yorkshire Cyber Security Cluster (YCSC) are excited to announce the launch of our CTF competition, “The Sheffield Siege!”, brought to you by YCSC, Sheffield Hallam University and Hack The Box. This competition is open to students from all UK wide Universities and will take place on Saturday 13th April, at Sheffield Hallam University.

This competition will be a Jeopardy-style event which will cover several areas, including but not limited to, web, reverse engineering, forensics, crypto and infrastructure. It is designed to test you and improve your cyber security skills in a fun and engaging way. There will be plenty of easy flags so don’t be worried if you are new to CTFs – it’s a great way to learn in a positive environment.

The challenges have been designed by the awesome team at Hack The Box and will NOT be found on their main platform.

Entry Requirements

We are inviting other Universities to participate, and we are proud to have Hack The Box as a partner for this event. All you need is to be a currently active student in the UK.

Teams are made up of up to a maximum of 5 people, and to enter all you need is a valid University email address. If you cannot find a team of 5, please register and contact the organiser, Neil, as he can assist with helping you field a full team.

You can enter your team for face to face OR online.

Only face to face teams will be eligible for prizes.

Most importantly, food will be provided!

There will be a half time 30 minute talk provided by creator of the Dante Pro Lab, Shaun Whorton.


Prizes will be provided for the top-performing teams who attend the in-person event. If you cannot make it in person, you are still more than welcome to compete, but prizes are reserved for the top performing teams.

Prizes will include, SteelCon tickets and Hak5 Merch.

YCSC are proud to announce their sponsors for the event: HSBC, British Computer Society (BCS) South Yorkshire Branch, Cyber Alchemy & SteelCon.


To sign up, select the appropriate ticket and number of entries, as per the number of people in your team.

You can add other team members later, as long as tickets are still available, so do not worry about signing up with less than 5 initially.

Once you register, you will be sent details of the event, including joining instructions.

Mixed face to face and online teams are not permitted, teams are either online or face to face.


Participating in this competition is a great way to gain hands-on experience in cyber security, and to learn how to protect against the latest threats. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced hacker, there will be something for you to learn and enjoy.

They will also have some experts on hand to provide some assistance and guidance to all who attend.

Mark your calendars for April 13th and register now to reserve your spot. We are looking forward to seeing you at Sheffield Hallam University.

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