February marked a month of new beginnings for the UK Cyber Cluster Collaboration (UKC3) community as not only did Cyber London join, but so did OxCyber! The establishment of regional cyber clusters plays a pivotal role in fostering innovation, collaboration, and the overall resilience of the digital ecosystem, so signing on OxCyber as well is a huge milestone in our journey to a secure digital future.

The Oxfordshire and Thames Valley region is renowned for its academic strength and advances in technological development due to its diverse network of industry professionals, SMEs, start-ups, and, of course, academic institutions.

Fostering Local Expertise and Collaboration

I established OxCyber with the aim of bringing people together, fostering local cyber expertise, and cultivating collaboration. By championing information security and nurturing partnerships, we’re building a community dedicated to shaping a secure digital future for all. We are proud to be part of the wider UKC3 network and look forward to representing our area with dedication and excellence

Rebecca Keen, Managing Director for Keen People

OxCyber steps in to help ignite and encourage cyber and tech growth within their region by facilitating interactions between cyber professionals, enthusiasts, businesses, and organisations through meetings, webinars, in-person events, workshops, and mentorship programs.

Below are their Six Key Focus areas:

  • Advocating Information Security
  • Local Support
  • Business Collaboration
  • National Network
  • Academic Engagement
  • Cyber Training and Skills Development

How this Influences UKC3

We at UKC3 are happy to welcome OxCyber into the UKC3 cyber ecosystem. Their presence adds a valuable dimension, enriching collaboration and innovation across our clusters. Although a younger cluster, OxCyber has strong values that set them in a position to assist in strengthening the UK’s cyber posture that will push the sector into new heights.

Ben Shorrock, Director and Ecosystem Development Lead for UKC3

The establishment of a dedicated cyber cluster contributes to elevating the regional cyber ecosystem. It attracts attention, investment, and partnerships, positioning the Oxford and Thames Valley region as a focal point for cyber excellence. This, in turn, creates a positive feedback loop, where success breeds further success, attracting more talent and opportunities to the region and the country.

Being part of UKC3 connects OxCyber to a national network of cyber clusters. This interconnectedness is crucial in the face of cyber threats that often transcend regional boundaries. Collaborating with other clusters allows for the sharing of best practices, threat intelligence, and collaborative initiatives that benefit all.

Moving Towards a Secure Future

The recognition of OxCyber underlines a commitment to building a secure digital future. By fostering collaboration, addressing local challenges, and nurturing talent and innovation, clusters all over the country display cyber security excellence in their regions as well as the interconnectedness of the UK cyber community.

As part of UKC3, we believe OxCyber contributes to the overarching mission of enhancing the collective cyber security stance of the United Kingdom. Together, let’s embrace a future where cyber security thrives, and we can achieve more as a strong cyber network.