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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is everywhere! And everyone is talking about it… But what are the REAL risks and opportunities this technology poses to us and our businesses?

Is ChatGPT really the game changer everyone says it is? Are we all about to be replaced by an AI alternative?! We will have a panel discussion on this topic and a key note speaker who will give us a vision of a world that has woken up to the dawn of an AI revolution!

The YCSC is a professional network of cyber security practitioners and those with an interest in the industry, created as part of the UK Cyber Security Forum to help cyber security experts and organisations across the region to collaborate and build a stronger standard of cyber security as part of a knowledge exchange collective.

The cluster’s role is to support, inspire, and work collaboratively with cyber security professionals to strengthen the regional cyber security ecosystem.

1. Achieve sustainable funding

2 . Develop a strong committed community membership

3 . Support local economy

4. Establish as an authentic leader in the cyber security industry

5. Defining, developing and support achievable pathways

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