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Join the Yorkshire Cyber Security Cluster members and steering committee monthly for an open discussion around cybersecurity, data protection, privacy and cybercrime.


20th April virtual webinar: Security Awareness and Skills Training.

With the help of guest speakers and specialists in this topic, our April event will delve deep into the development of our Human Firewall.

In April’s session, we’ll discuss:

– What are the tools and techniques that are most effective?

– When should training and awareness take place? And are they the same thing?

– What topics do you include? And which do you leave out?

– Do you focus on fear? Or the benefits? What approach works and which doesn’t?

Virtual webinar agenda for 2022:

18th May: Service Provider Management.

20th July: Email and Web Browser Protections, Malware Defences.

17th August: Network Infrastructure Management, Network Monitoring and Defense.

19th October: Data Protection.

16th November: Audit Log Management.

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