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The Threat in your Pocket – Some thoughts on Mobile Security

20 September 2023 | 13:30 – 14:30 BST


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Organisations of all types and sizes are increasingly reliant on the powerful computers carried by their staff which store all sorts of potentially sensitive data. Join us for a discussion on the varied threats to mobile devices, with a focus on how software applications should address the associated risks (from GDPR leaks to billion-dollar fines for inappropriate use of Shadow IT), including the applicable security principles defined by NCSC.

About the YCSC:

The cluster’s role is to support, inspire, and work collaboratively with cyber security professionals to strengthen the regional cyber security ecosystem.

  • Achieve sustainable funding
  • Develop a strong committed community membership
  • Support local economy
  • Establish as an authentic leader in the cyber security industry
  • Defining, developing and support achievable pathways

The Speaker:

Dr Andy Lilly is a Director and Co-Founder of Armour Communications since 2014. He has delivered challenging, leading-edge research and development solutions into global markets, in a variety of leadership positions at multi-national organisations and VC-funded start-ups.

Andy has focused on military-grade and commercial secure communications systems for most of his 30 years of experience, but has also covered technologies such as satellites, radars, adaptive antennas and powerline communications. He has a strong interest in promoting cyber security, including chairing a secure comms interoperability group and being elected to TechUK’s Cyber Management Committee.

The YCSC is a professional network of cyber security practitioners and those with an interest in the industry, created as part of the UK Cyber Security Forum to help cyber security experts and organisations across the region to collaborate and build a stronger standard of cyber security as part of a knowledge exchange collective.

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