24 May 2021

UK Cyber Clusters to collaborate with Public Sector, Academia and Industry through newly launched UKC3

  • UK Cyber Cluster Collaboration (UKC3) has been launched to support Cyber Clusters and encourage greater collaboration across regions and nations of the UK.
  • UKC3 will act as a single voice for the Cyber Cluster network, engaging with public sector, academia and industry to inform and support the national cyber strategy with a regional perspective.
  • Through funding and knowledge exchange, UKC3 will facilitate innovation, ecosystem development and cyber skills growth.

Today, 24 May, a new organisation called UK Cyber Cluster Collaboration (UKC3) has been launched to support economic growth in the UK cyber security industry. UKC3 will deliver initiatives and programmes designed to stimulate innovation and support the development of cyber skills, coordinating with government, industry bodies and UK Cyber Clusters. The organisation will provide a single interface for industry stakeholders to engage with the UK’s Cyber Cluster network.

The organisation will be fundamental in spurring economic growth and cyber sector prosperity across the regions and nations of the UK and aims to play an important part in both levelling-up and the post-Covid 19 recovery.

Acting as a national organisation for Cyber Clusters across the country, UKC3 will officially recognise Cyber Clusters that operate in line with UKC3’s agreed Operating Framework. The framework will set out the principles and outcomes Clusters work towards through activities and initiatives that deliver Cyber sector growth in their region. The UKC3 will encourage collaboration and knowledge exchange between Clusters in order to amplify the outcomes being delivered locally to create impact at a national level.

Commenting on this announcement, UKC3’s Chair, Richard Yorke said “On behalf of the board, I’m delighted to be announcing the UKC3 launch today.

The UK’s thriving cyber sector is recognised as world leading and through greater collaboration, innovation and skills development we have a real opportunity to deliver growth that benefits businesses and individual citizens across the UK.

Cyber Clusters are playing a vital role in the development of the sector in their region and the UKC3 has been established to fund and support their work as well as encouraging greater collaboration across the UK ecosystem. My colleagues and I will work with public sector, academia and industry bodies to represent Clusters in national Cyber policy making and provide stakeholders with a single entity to engage the Cluster community.

This is an exciting and pivotal time for the Cyber industry and I encourage organisations to engage with us to drive growth in the sector.”

The organisation’s board is made up of Cyber Cluster leads from across the UK including: Richard Yorke (Cyber Cheltenham – CyNam) – as Chair of UKC3, Phil Jackman (Cyber North/North East Cyber Cluster) – Treasurer and Secretariat, Melanie Oldham (Yorkshire Cyber Security Cluster) as Vice Chair and Stakeholder Management/Communications, Ciara Mitchell (ScotlandIS Cyber) leading on Ecosystem Development, Linda Smith (Midlands Cyber), leading on Innovation and John Davies (Cyber Wales/South Wales Cyber Cluster) leading on Skills Growth. In addition, an Advisory Group has been established with further Cluster representatives.

A new funding opportunity will be announced soon, aimed at supporting the work of Cyber Clusters and the important role they play in contributing to the growth of the Cyber sector within their locality.

Notes to editors:

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About UKC3:

UK Cyber Cluster Collaboration (UKC3) is a new entity, created to facilitate the collaboration between the public sector and local/regional Cyber Clusters, through initiatives designed to grow and develop the cyber sector.

Its mission is to foster the creative potential of Cyber Clusters, setting a national standard that will shape and deliver on the UK’s Cyber strategy.