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AI – Beyond the Hype Getting Hands On with Generative AI

10th & 11th October | Various Locations around Cheltenham

Please note we recommend attendees register for:

one (out of the six) workshop sessions you wish to attend ;
the AI panel ;
the post-event networking if you wish to attend
Each workshop’s interactive elements will be the same, so we recommend only booking for one session out of the six. Workshop attendees are required to attend for the duration.

About The Event

At CyNam 23.3, be prepared to get beyond the hype by joining a variety of industry experts and academia in discussions on opportunities, challenges, and limitations within AI .Ourhands-on workshops will go beyond OpenAI, giving the CyNam community the opportunity to experiment with the opportunities and limitations of generative AI, helping you to better understand the emerging technology beyond existing narratives.

As a Festival Partner at Cheltenham Literature Festival, we are excited to invite attendees to a post-workshop panel discussion – What if AI Doesn’t Change the World? In conversation with The Times technology business editor Katie Prescott, Professor of Politics David Runciman, AI systems expert Michael Wooldridge and AI ethicist Kanta Dihal explore the promise and peril of AI and ask if future fears are misplaced.

Artificial intelligence is not a substitute for human intelligence; it is a tool to amplify human creativity and ingenuity. – Fei-Fei Li

To continue the discussion, all attendees are invited to post-event hospitality on the evening of 11th October.

This event is suitable for all abilities.

This event is running in celebration of Ada Lovelace Day, a true tech visionary whose notes documented some of the first musings on AI.

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