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Navigating the intersection of bio- and cyber security

Tuesday 5th March, 06:00 pm – 09:30 pm GMT

This event will highlight the synergies between engineering biology and cyber. By bringing together professionals from industry, the public sector, and academia in both sectors, the event seeks to explore collaborative avenues for growth to ensure the UK retains its competitive edge in global cyber and technological leadership.

In an era marked by a surge in cybercrime, calls to revitalise unconventional approaches to cybersecurity have gained traction. This includes applying biological principles to information technology, a concept that dates back to the early 2000s. This event will facilitate a deeper understanding and practical application of this concept.

However, cyber security principles could also support the development of engineering biology [products]. Despite the UK government’s recognition of engineering biology as one of its five critical technologies, public apprehension regarding safety issues, potential misuse, and the blurred line between natural and artificial elements poses a challenge. Genuine security risks and ethical dilemmas further compound these concerns.

This atmosphere of distrust has the potential to impede innovation by hindering widespread adoption, thereby jeopardising the UK’s standing as a frontrunner in this technology. Recognising the relationship between cybersecurity and engineering biology, there exists a prime opportunity for the our cyber ecosystem to foster secure and responsible innovation within another sector.

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