Recognising Excellence: Ben Shorrock Awarded Honorary Doctorate of Science

We are delighted to celebrate the achievements of Ben Shorrock, the Managing Director of techSPARK and Director of UK Cyber Cluster Collaboration (UKC3), as he receives a prestigious Honorary Doctorate of Science from the University of Bristol. This distinguished recognition comes as a testament to his ongoing work to support the success of the cyber and tech ecosystem and the city of Bristol.

The degree ceremony was held on 3rd August at the University of Bristol as part of its celebration of people who have been active part of its civic mission. Among the guests was Martin Reid, the Executive Director of SETsquared Partnership, who had presented the award to Ben. Martin commended Ben’s exceptional contributions to the cyber ecosystem and the city of Bristol, underscoring the transformative impact of his tireless efforts.

In his work, Ben has achieved genuinely exceptional outcomes for the city of Bristol, the West of England, and the general UK, he represents the tech and digital ecosystem to local and national government. And has been a source of inspiration and hope during the COVID pandemic leading the roadmap to recovery for the tech cluster with the Department for Science, Innovation and Technology.

Martin Reid, Executive Director of SETsquared Partnership

Throughout his career, Ben has been an influential force in driving innovation and collaboration within the cybersecurity industry. As the Managing Director of techSPARK, he has championed  initiatives that empower and support the tech community in Bristol and Bath. Under his  leadership, techSPARK has grown into a hub for the region’s technology community, attracting top talent and fostering world-leading digital innovation within the city.

Additionally, Ben’s role as the Director of UKC3 has been instrumental in advancing the UK Cyber Ecosystem. By spearheading collaborations between various cyber clusters, businesses, and educational institutions, he has cultivated a powerful network that leverages collective expertise to tackle cyber challenges head-on.

Ben’s role in strengthening Bristol’s cybersecurity landscape has been recognised beyond the region. The University of Bristol’s decision to bestow upon him an Honorary Doctorate of Science stands as a testament to his significant contributions to the field and the community.

Congratulations, Dr. Ben Shorrock, on this remarkable milestone! Your dedication to fostering growth and driving innovation in the cyber ecosystem serves as an inspiration to us all.

We look forward to witnessing your continued success in shaping a brighter technological landscape for Bristol and beyond.