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UKC3, the UK’s Cyber Cluster Collaboration, is a central hub connecting and empowering regional cyber clusters across the nation.

Why We Need You

As a non-profit organisation, we rely on funding and sponsors to be able to continue the work we do, and so we need people like you to help where you can to enable us to grow and do more good in our regions.

There are many different reasons why people partner with us, ranging from the following:


Marketing & Advertising

Brand Awareness

Employee Engagement

Revenue Opportunities

Tax Benefits

Best solutions

Get involved with your local cyber community today.

UKC3 will create bespoke partnership opportunities that align with your strategic goals. Whether through investment, knowledge sharing, or collaborative projects, we ensure that you reap tangible benefits, including enhanced brand recognition, access to innovation, and thought leadership.

Together, we can secure the UK’s digital landscape and ensure a thriving cybersecurity sector for years to come. For a detailed discussion on collaborating for mutual benefit, please contact Annabel, UKC3 Partnerships Specialist, at

Furthermore, you can access our partnership deck today to learn more about how you can achieve the most out of engaging with our national cyber community by submitting your details via the form. Your data will be securely stored in compliance with GDPR regulations.

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