• Cyber clusters all over the UK join efforts to support cyber skills growth for a safer digital world in the nation.
  • DCMS funding supports cyber clusters to identify relevant opportunities for driving cyber skills development.
  • Cyber cluster collaboration under UKC3 demonstrates the “Whole Society Partnership” approach presented in the National Cyber Strategy 2022.

As part of the UK Cyber Cluster Collaboration’s remit to support the growth of the UK’s cyber sector, the UKC3 recognised cyber clusters are actively engaging in finding opportunities to drive cyber skills growth across the UK. Currently, there are 11 UKC3 recognised cyber clusters from England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland that are pushing their efforts towards this goal.

Benefiting from the fourth round of funding from the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS), these clusters are mapping programmes and projects that enable cyber skills growth in their regions, involving their tech and cyber members and non-members into the cyber skills development, with the purpose of making the digital world of organisations and individuals safer.

Cyber Wales is participating in the Cyber Runway, an accelerator programme, established to directly address the most critical cyber security challenges that affects the UK, such as ransomware or fraud, with innovative technology and diverse cyber skills. Supported by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), CyberFirst Schools is another project Cyber Wales is involved in. Cyber Wales is identifying the regional and national skills development actors, mapping activities for supporting the cyber skills development. 

Midlands Cyber is planning to run an academic matching programme that would create the link between the knowledge providers and students needing to develop their cyber skills for their future careers. Another programme that Midlands Cyber is planning is running several workshops that would train professionals in banking, fintech, manufacturing and other actors, on how to improve their digital security.

South West is also focused on developing cyber careers, collaborating with South Devon College in the Cyber Futures programme to find skills to support the students who want to explore cyber security as a future career.

Yorkshire Cyber Security Cluster is supporting 23 students to develop their cyber skills and admin experience across the Enterprise Quality Programme (EQP).

UKC3 facilitates knowledge exchange and sharing of best practice through its recognised clusters that access the DCMS funding for developing cyber skills growth, innovation, and ecosystem development in the UK. The collaboration of cyber clusters with academia, government, and other non-cluster actors shows the “Whole of  Society”partnership approach, which was highlighted as a major theme in the National Cyber Security Strategy 2022. For more information about UKC3 visit our website, LinkedIn or Twitter profiles.