CYBERUK is the UK’s most prestigious national cyber conference and exhibition ! Every year the event moves to different national locations with 2023 being hosted at the ICC in Belfast, Northern Ireland. For the second time since launch UKC3 – United Kingdom Cluster Collaboration is excited to share their involvement and exhibit at this important event.

As an organisation set up eighteen months ago to provide funding and support for sector growth into new and emerging regional Cyber Clusters across the UK, UKC3’s ecosystem is dedicated to growing and assisting start ups, small and medium businesses, along with skills providers and stakeholders to capture and capitalise on the immense opportunity cybertech offers. UKC3’s  mission is to encourage greater collaboration across regions and nations, and what better opportunity than to represent the network at CYBERUK 23!

This year’s conference theme is “Securing an Open and ResilientDigital Future for the UK,” and it’s happening in the prime location – Belfast, home of the internationally renowned Queen’s University Belfast and an increasingly developing vibrant cybersecurity sector. The conference will have strong ties to the Centre for Secure Information Technology as well as the NI Cyber cluster and NI Cyber Security Centre.

According to Simon Whittaker, the NI Cyber Chair, “Our commitment to innovation and excellence in this field is evident, and this is a fantastic opportunity for us to showcase our leadership in the field, and to learn from other industry leaders as we work towards a safer and more secure digital world.”

UKC3 fully supports this statement from this years host cluster, and they’re honoured to be representing the thirteen clusters at CYBERUK 23 with the ongoing support of the Department of Science, Innovation, and Technology.  We will also be sponsoring a number of events throughout the conference.

Here are some events you won’t want to miss:

  • As more people use AI every day, from ChatGTP to Face Detection and recognition on your phone, it’s time to talk about AI & Cyber. NI Cyber and Allstate Alliance are hosting a panel session on the first day of CYBERUK 23 at 8 am and runs until 9:30 am at Allstate Northern Ireland.

  • To end the first day on a high note, the UK Cyber Meetup will bring attendees together to encourage collaboration and discussions over food and drinks. This evening event will be hosted by CyNam, the cluster covering the Cheltenham region.

  • As we work to acknowledge the issues women face in the techworld, Women in Cyber Wales will be holding a session to offer an opportunity to network and discuss. Clare Johnson will be hosting their breakfast sessions for their second year running on 20th April at 8:30 am.

UKC3 is committed to helping make the UK a cyber-superpower through the core three themes of Innovations, Skills and Ecosystem throughout the country via the cluster community. If you’re interested in meeting a UKC3 representative to learn more about making connections to your local network  you can secure a five minute meeting at CYBERUK below.

We hope to see you at CYBERUK 23!